Internet’s Best:

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

A couple of years ago I was searching online for a good source for everything wellness related. My search ended when I found, a website that continuously provides the most up-to-date, usefull information about things like yoga and wellness, green living, travel, food and much, much more. Their content is ever changing and I have been immensely motivated by many of their posts. With articles about topics like managing a wandering mind, and creating healthy habits for life, pretty much anything you have been wondering about has been answered in one form or another on their site, which makes it completely worth checking out.
In addition to the motivation factor, MindBodyGreen has introduced me to many wonderful yoga teachers and other people who have become huge inspirations in my life. The interviews with renouned yoga teachers like Elena Brower shed light on their own yoga practices and who they are as people, and make every practice seem accessible and real. Additionally, the recipes found on MindBodyGreen range from comforting chicken noodle soup to a delectable strawberry dessert, (both which I can personally vouch for, as they have becomes staples in my household,) and you can rest assured that they are wholesome and natural. There are no big macs and chicken nuggets to be found here, unless it is in an informational article about what a major fast food chain puts in their food.
If you are looking for a resource to help boost your healthy and green lifestyle, check out I am proud to be one of their contributing writers, and look forward to all the information and light that they will share with their readers in the future!


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