You Eat Well & Live Holistically – Now How About Your Pets?

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

There is a huge focus on what we put into our bodies and our environment these days, rightfully so. Now, how about our pets? Are you aware of the ingredients that go into your dog’s or cat’s food? The chemicals in the shampoo you clean them with? The treats? Toys? If your animals are anything like ours, they are a HUGE part of your family, and there is no reason that the quality of their food and environment should be compromised.

We are lucky to have a wonderful little all-natural pet store close to home, The Bag of Bones Barkery. Their products are all-natural, and high quality. We used to shop at Pet Smart and other large chains, but we really started to pay attention to what was in many of the common food brands, and thought that things like animal by-product and MSG would not serve our dogs very well. Not to mention, our dogs were suffering with things like upset stomachs and dry, flaky skin. Not cool for the pooches!

We started to buy Orijen brand dog food at Bag of Bones and the difference was remarkable, from energy level to the shine of their coats. Yes, we are paying $45.00 instead of $25.00 – but there is a lot of value in the $20.00 difference. First of all, the dogs do not require as much (my Australian Shepherd needs about two cups), because the food is more nutritionally dense. Therefore, it last a lot longer than a cheap bag that requires that you give the dogs three or more cups per meal. Second, I can actually understand the ingredients that are listed. From fresh boneless salmon to sweet potato – there is no mystery about what my dogs are eating. Third, as I mentioned earlier – their overall health and vitality has improved tremendously.

The same goes with treats. We don’t eat Doritos and Cheetos every day, so why feed the doggie equivalent to our pups for a treat? There are many all-natural options out there that are just as tasty for the dogs and cost about the same. Make a point to use all natural shampoos and other products on your animals as they are gentler – from skin irritation to their eyes, and probably their stomachs since they lick everything anyways. Plus, it benefits you also, since you will no longer be inhaling harmful chemicals when you snuggle up with your cat or dog.

Finally, pay attention to the toys. Did you know that many common raw hides┬ácontain horrible chemicals like Formaldehyde? I’m serious… its horrible! Get all-natural chew toys for your dogs instead – they will last longer and have nothing harmful added to them. Pay attention to your stuffed toys also, because a lot of times pieces of it will end up in your dog’s stomach, and many places sell cheap ones that fall apart in minutes. I was convinced my dogs would tear any toy apart in a matter of minutes until I discovered “Tuffies” brand, also at Bag of Bones. These are the first toys that have lasted through many games of tug-o-war and fetch.

Even if you don’t happen to live in the Princeton area, seek out natural and organic food for your pets and it will do you and them a world of good. If you do happen to live by us, check out Bag of Bones for wonderful products and exceptional service!

Bag of Bones Barkery

Mercerville Shopping Center 364

Route 33 Hamilton, NJ 08619

Phone: (609) 528-0101


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