Ease Allergy Symptoms With Yoga

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

It’s that time of year where many of us are plagued by the unpleasant symptoms of allergies – runny noses, itchy eyes and throats, headaches and fatigue. Allergies can put a serious damper on an otherwise beautiful day, but did you know that you can use yoga to help alleviate your symptoms? Before you opt for medicine, read on to see how you can help your allergy symptoms – naturally.

Allergies can actually be made worse with stress, because stress causes physiological symptoms which can lead to inflammation. We all know that certain kinds of yoga, like hatha and restorative, can promote relaxation.  Through relaxation, our nervous systems strengthen our immune system. The strong our immune system, the less it reacts to allergens, the inflammation and mucus decrease, and symptoms diminish.  You can help de-stress by practicing gentle forms of yoga, slow things down and concentrate on deep breathing.

There are also many yoga poses that can help to decrease allergy symptoms, however, there is no one fix for everyone. Inversions tend to help congestion and can alleviate headaches in some people, while twists and pranayama may work better for another person. Here are some poses for you to try to naturally alleviate your symptoms, see if they work for you!


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