Fruit-full Living

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

I always remember my parents saying to me, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Well, that didn’t turn out so much to be the case since I developed an allergy to apples in my mid-teens, but the message they were instilling in my brain was a powerful one. Fruits are an essential component to a health life. Their nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants are fundamental to a healthy body and mind.

It boggles my mind when people don’t eat fruit. First of all, we need these plants to survive and thrive. Second of all, they are delicious and there is SO much we can do with them to keep things interesting. Not to mention, I feel like a million bucks after I eat a piece of fruit. Skittles? Not so much. The statistics of how many pieces of fruit (and veggies) people eat a day are really staggering, compared to what we should be eating. It is recommended that we aim for 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day, and most people have, at most, one. And that one often comes in processed forms, like orange juice or raisins. Before you run away from your computer at the mere thought of accommodating 7-9 servings of fruit, let me explain to you how easy it is.

3 simple ways to get more fruits in your diet starting today!

  1. Make a smoothie! Next time you are at the market, pick up some ripe bananas and an assortment of fresh or frozen fruit that you like. Toss them into a blender at home, and within seconds you will have a delicious, all-natural smoothie. Depending on how much fruit you put in it, it can pack anywhere from 2 to 6 servings of fruit! Make one of these for breakfast and you can be more than half way there before you even get to work! Try my Strawberry Bliss Smoothie or One of my other favorites.
  2. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruit. I’ve got news for you. Strawberries can be sweeter than Swedish Fish, and banana can be just as satisfying as fro-yo. If you really need to spice things up, drizzle honey over your strawberries for an extra kick of sweetness, or mash-up your bananas and sprinkle some dark chocolate chips in it. Instant desert!
  3. Put fruit where you wouldn’t normally find it. Slice up some orange and serve it on the side of dinner, or after the mean as a palate-cleanser. Chop up fresh fruit and put it in your cereal. Dump a handful of frozen fruit into quinoa or oatmeal for breakfast. Play with combinations and you may be surprised at how delicious it can be.

Make an effort today to make fruit a kep part of your diet. Your well-being will thank you.


One Comment to “Fruit-full Living”

  1. I eat about 8 to 12 servings of fruit and veggies a day and it usually starts with a smoothie in the Vita Mix – love it!

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