Overshadowing Evil

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

By now I am sure most everyone has heard of the horror that happened in Colorado last week. A gunman opening fire in a crowded movie theatre on the opening night of Dark Knight Rises… sounds like something straight out of the movie. But it isn’t. To date, 12 people have died and many people are injured… countless more are scarred for life. It is absolutely unfathomable for me to comprehend the mentality of someone who would do this. I spend my days trying to cultivate light and happiness in myself and in the world around me, and in my bubble of a world I feel like everyone should be striving to do the same. How can there be such monsters filled with darkness out there?

As much as this blog and yoga in general stress positivity and light, the fact of the matter is that there is a whole other world out there. Ugliness happens, people can be evil, and unfortunately all of that is becoming more and more apparent whenever we turn the news on. It feels like something that could never happen to us, but it can happen to anyone, as was demonstrated in the Colorado shooting. Part of living in this world is taking a huge gamble from day-to-day. On Friday, shortly after hearing the news, I was on my way to a nail salon and the thought occurred to me that it could happen there, at my job, at a restaurant, or on the street.

So what can we do? Certainly not lock ourselves at home and fear venturing outside, which unfortunately some people may start to do. Without getting into the politics and legal issues of getting rid of guns, etc, what can we as individuals do? There is no straight answer, but I know that it makes me feel better to do my part of good in the world. If you rescue a puppy, help an elderly person to cross the street, talk to someone who is sad, teach a person how to do yoga, breathe, and alleviate their stress, you may just be doing a little bit – but you are actually chipping away at a much bigger block. While evil and bad people will never go away completely, the more we do as a community to promote happiness, peace and love in the world, the stronger the positivity will become to overshadow the darkness.

While there is a lot of pain and suffering going on right now, people who mean well make the situation better. From those who donate blood and those who offer their condolences to the families who lost their loved ones, to the people down the road who make those people laugh once again and show them that there is still goodness out in the world to experience, those are the people making the biggest impact in our society.


One Comment to “Overshadowing Evil”

  1. To true. It is said that even in the blackest nights there will still always be a bit of light. Making sure that you’re that light shining in others lives is so important!

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