What Makes You Feel Like You?

by ~ShiningSoulYoga~

Have you ever had those days where you just don’t feel like yourself? I think that in many ways, feeling like “yourself” can really be attributed to your actions and how close you have come to putting your values on the pedestal they deserve to be on. For example, a few weeks ago I had a string of about four days where between travel and plans, I was unable to squeeze yoga into my schedule, eat well, or spend much time taking in my surroundings and just breathing. I also just didn’t feel like my usual cheerful self, and my energy level was really low. The result? I felt like I lost my grip on my true soul, and needed to work double time to get it back in my grasp.

Now, I’m not saying that I became a different person because I didn’t work out for four days and I had some french fries. But, eating well and exercising are two of my core values that I know are important to my physical well-being and sanity, and going for an extended period doing otherwise made me feel like I was drifting away from my higher purpose.

If you can relate to this, you probably know that what comes along with it is a lot of self-loathing and regret. Well, there is no time for that! Instead, the important thing is to come up with a “recipe” for your next few hours, days and weeks to get yourself back on track, and to notice where and why you slipped up and how you can prevent it in the future.

My first step was to write a list of the things that are most important to me, my “core values,” things I strive to do every day. Those included: Eating Well, Yoga & Exercise, Spending Time Outdoors, Adventure, Success, Love, Energy, and Positivity – all things that are important and crucial to my happiness, and I should stop at nothing to do things to make them happen each and every day.

My suggestion to you is that you create your own list. What are your ingredients for the best “you” possible? Even if you start with a word or idea today, you can add-on to it daily, or weekly – whenever you realize something that makes you happy and you simply cannot go without. Write your list down in a place where you can glance at it every day, to remind yourself of the things that are important to you and make you as happy as possible.


4 Comments to “What Makes You Feel Like You?”

  1. i absolutely love this post! thanks for the great idea, i plan to make a list today 🙂

  2. I am an avid list maker, my lists help to unravel all my thoughts and feelings so that I can make sense of them. They help me to stay focused and ticking an item off the list is super rewarding.

    Thank you for sharing that post it’s nice to see others find some of my rituals rewarding, keep the lovely posts coming!

  3. Loved this!

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